Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Vice Presidential Hunting Party

What do you mean I can't have him mounted????

And so it goes in the life of a Vice President, one heart beat away from the seat of Presidential Power. The paramedics insisted they be allowed to do their job while Dick followed them insisting he had the perfect place on the wall of his office that really needed filling.

The medics were nervous, but firm.

Twenty four hours later news of the accident was released and the place on the Vice-Presidential office wall remains to be filled.

The Chief of Staff reminded the Vice President that the target victim, a billionaire, had been a generous donor to their cause in many ways, both official and unofficial.

Never one to bemoan what cannot be helped Dick returned to Washington to discuss unfolding events with staff and
the Commander in Chief; All are aglow with enthusiasm.

Will Teddy Kennedy, Al Gore, and John Kerry join him on a very special hunting party? Their offices have as yet issued no statement.