Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ralph Reed: Just because we could......

Our next NeoCon fantasizer is Ralph Reed. Young Ralph, a sensitive young boy, suffered from being the tenth of 23 children born to his mother before she was 35. His father is his maternal uncle as well.

His sisters made a horrifying practice of dressing Young Ralph up in their clothing and since the family could not afford to buy him boy's clothing Young Ralph was forced to go to school not only dressed as a girl but in uncoordinated outfits. His next oldest sister, Bertha Mae, entered him in the town beauty contest and, to his further humiliation, he won. Although the prize of grooming and modeling lessons stood him in good stead, still, it had an impact.

Given the circumstances, all of us can understand how he could have felt a need to exert his power through a more masculine image by effectively seducing the credulous in as large numbers as possible.

Our inside sources have it that the strategy of politicizing church-goers habituated to such preachers as Tammy Fay Baker, James Baker and their ilk was only the overt, political agenda behind his career. This approach was formulated over one long weekend spent at a bar in South Carolina with Pat Robertson, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff. John Fund was informed of the plan later and added significant defining points.


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