Thursday, January 26, 2006

Grover Norquiest: Love Offering

Grover Norquist's fantasies also focus on his masculinity. His fascination with guns, sharp objects, and bombs dates from kindergarten when he took a Gatling gun from his father's collection to school for Show and Tell. The sublimation is obvious and so need not be baldly stated.

In his earliest days on the school playground, when he devised his first confidence scheme, and produced his first junta, no one understood his driving need for control. His first take over failed when the principal discovered the teacher tied and gagged in the lunch room and this, too, added to his sense of inadequacy. He was punished, and in such as way that he was further traumatized, learning that covert means and doctoring records and ballots were far more effective means for gaining his ends.

When Grover was 16 he met Karl Rove and finally found someone who truly understood and sympathized with his early traumas. Karl saw the real potential still slumbering in Grover and set him on the path he still treads today. The same bar in South Carolina witnessed the formulation of the plan, that with Ralph Reed's recalibration of low end churches into the Religious Right, resulted in the transition blocks that allowed the Republican Party to reverse the flow of social progress, maintaining power until the problem of securing a reliable means for manufacturing electoral outcomes could be solved.

Between Karl, Grover, Jack, Ralph, and John there grew up a rather touching brotherhood. We will not delve further into THAT, but along with the sublimation of normal urges also arose a cooperative and exciting compilation comprised of the many and varied strategic and tactical approaches these individuals had discovered to allow them to win despite the normal conduct expected of civilized individuals and eventually provided the needed insight into finishing off the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Many long nights were spent comparing notes and other things.
Curiously, none of them have actually served in the military. If they had the fantasies might have been different.


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