Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Final Note to the Reader

Of course in most ways this is not funny in the least mostly because when you consider the actions of the above individuals the valentines do make a horrible kind of sense, don't they?

If these are the fantasies that propelled them then the underlying reasons for our present direction sort of crystallizes. One also wonders about what form their more recent fantasies have taken.

Given their predilictions they have not only planned the first American SS, Internal Security but bickered about which of them would be able to use their favorite designs for the uniforms.

Are they calling their bookkeepers to find out how much more they need in offshore accounts to buy their own personal island? It would be a relief to hope they might, eventually, plan to leave.

All questions remaining to be answered.

These NeoCon Valentines are designed to inform, educate, amuse. and spark discourse. No one is taking the present threat to our lives and liberties seriously enough.
We here at STOP the Neoconning hope these small love offerings brighten your day in the face of the impending revocation of both the Constitution and Bill of Rights. May brightening your day galvanize you into action.


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